About Us / Our Mission

To provide quality polarized sunglasses and bring about impactful change through our charitable efforts. Kindness to our consumers, positivity in all that we do, and having fun along the way.


At SATURDAZE Optics, we believe in 3 key components:

😎​  SATURDAZE are for good.
At SATURDAZE, we're committed to doing good... the world needs more good, and we’d like to do our part. Truth be told, it was the inspiration behind SATURDAZE. We wanted to create a company that gives back, and on one Saturday afternoon in the summer of ’22, the idea of SATURDAZE was born with the forethought that doing good would be our most important metric to be measured by. Our driving force is to build a strong foundation focused on giving you, the customer, a quality product at the best value all the while giving back to the community through our charitable efforts. That’s why we donate a portion of proceeds of every pair of sunglasses sold to doing good. Check out our charity/do-good focus efforts here.

😎​  SATURDAZE are for anything.
Running, mountain climbing, mountain running, climbing stairs, climbing the corporate ladder, saving the planet, saving third, saving face, kayaking, fishing, fishing for compliments, grillin’, chillin' out maxin' & relaxin' all cool, and just about anything you can think of... SATURDAZE are here for it.

😎​  SATURDAZE are for everyone.
The young, the old, the young at heart, the faint of heart, the old souls, the young bucks, and just about everyone in between. SATURDAZE doesn’t discriminate, it’s not in our nature... never have, never will. Everyone could use more SATURDAZE in their lives, we’re here to help.