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We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Tony Lucido. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Tony below.

Hi Tony, thanks for joining us today. Alright, so you had your idea and then what happened? Can you walk us through the story of how you went from just an idea to executing on the idea?

Going from idea to execution was a long, calculated approach… about 1 year’s worth of thought, planning, research, & testing. And if I didn’t know the answer when first starting out, I figured it out along the way. Trial by fire.

A little background info for you: I’m obsessed with sunglasses… the look, the feel, the functionality… all of it. That being said, I’ve always been inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and have always wanted to own & operate a business of my own. Enter SATURDAZE Optics. Once I landed on the name of the business [after months of thought and a few different business names/variations that didn’t make the final cut], I built from there. The business name “SATURDAZE Optics” helps to define the vibe, the company culture, the graphics, the look/feel of the website, etc. From there I continued to build, research, & develop. My main goal was to provide quality polarized sunglasses at very reasonable prices with exceptional customer service, all while incorporating some charitable giving/do-good for causes that are meaningful & important to me.

In terms of the SATURDAZE Optics logo, I actually designed that myself. I have an Art/Graphic Design background, so that came into play and helped out a lot. In terms of background/research, I’ve spent countless hours researching legalities and have even successfully trademarked some designs with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. I’ve built my website from the ground up, I’ve come up with all of the product photography, pricing, promotions, etc., I’ve built marketing email automations, discounts, seasonal programming, etc., and I’ve gotten my products into a couple of retail stores in the town in which I live. This is just a tip of the iceberg, there’s SO much more to it!

Once I felt prepared enough to go live, I set my launch date: 2/3/23, pretty easy to remember, right? From there it’s been a wild ride, and I’m still learning & developing the business little by little, every single day. One goal I have for myself as a business owner is to do at least 1 thing every day to somehow improve the business and move it forward. Whether it be on my Excel tracking document, a new promo/discount/sale, enhanced graphics on the website, introducing a new pair of sunglasses, or some type of process improvement technique on the back-end, it never ends. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was SATURDAZE Optics.

Tony, before we move on to more of these sorts of questions, can you take some time to bring our readers up to speed on you and what you do?

I’m a Dad, an easy-going nice guy, a runner, and a sunglasses lover. I really wanted to build a business that bridges the gap between great quality and affordability… because I believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between the two.

In the summer of ’22, I was deep into the ideas/planning phase, spending much of my Carolina Beach vacation thinking, pre-planning, even designing my company’s logo on my laptop in the AirBNB late at night and early in the morning alongside my coffee. Some poolside beers with my best friend and many angles of thought & conversation went into the groundwork of SATURDAZE Optics. Fast forward to February of 2023 and all of the thinking, pre-planning, and dreaming became a reality on 2/3/23 when I officially launched!

So, what makes SATURDAZE Optics stand out? In addition to offering top-notch quality at reasonable prices, I’ve made it a priority to deliver exceptional customer service supported by unique guarantees. That’s why I introduced a policy for broken replacements, a satisfaction guarantee, free shipping and returns, and strict product quality standards featuring 100% polarized lenses with UV400 protection. Our commitment to charitable and do-good initiatives adds a meaningful dimension to our mission: we take pride in giving back.

The SATURDAZE Optics brand is designed to resonate with a customer base that embraces qualities such as fun, outgoing, adventurous, exciting, vibrant, neat, cool, athletic, outdoorsy, and interesting. Our collection features popular, modern, unique, and enjoyable styles.

We’d love to hear about how you keep in touch with clients.

To create great connections with customers and foster brand loyalty, I take a pretty practical approach. I focus on keeping an open line of communication through regular emails and an active presence on social media. This way I can share updates, promotions, and personalized content directly with our valued customers. I do my best to keep my audience interested and engaged in what we do.

On social media, I aim to keep things real. I share regular and meaningful updates, respond promptly to messages, and showcase what our customers create. It’s like a virtual hangout where everyone’s voices matter.

I’m also very curious about our customers’ thoughts, so I’ll occasionally send out surveys to understand what they like and expect from SATURDAZE Optics. Their insights are gold, and really helps to further define & shape our path for moving forward.

I also like to give customers a sneak peek into exclusive sales/promotions, what’s new, product launches, etc. – it’s our way of saying thanks and further connecting with our customer base. The SATURDAZE Optics brand stays consistent across all online spaces, ensuring that we’re easily recognizable. We’re not just about selling products; we’re building a community where people not only enjoy what we offer, but also feel connected to our brand in a genuine way. It’s about long-lasting relationships, not just transactions.

Where do you think you get most of your clients from?

Connecting with new customers has been most successful when I’m out and about, meeting people face-to-face at events. Getting referrals from friends of friends has also played a big role – it’s great to build connections through word of mouth marketing! Having folks naturally join my social media pages has been a good way to keep the conversation going. When people see my work through friends or online, it’s like they already have a level of trust. It’s not about big numbers on social media, but the slow growth has been a cool journey, allowing me to share what I do with more people and expand my business in a way that feels genuine. The support from customers who trust and appreciate my work has been a key driver in the business’s growth.

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